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ESSER State Reserve Funds Budget


Oklahoma was awarded federal relief dollars to support students through fall 2024. With these historic funds come exciting opportunities to re-imagine public education while heeding research and evidence to ensure the best return on our investments and the highest outcomes for students.

Below, find information regarding how Oklahoma is investing the state reserve portion of federal coronavirus relief dollars to position Oklahoma schools and students for lasting success.

CARES Initiatives (ESSER I)

Surviving - Meeting Emergency Needs

InitiativeObligation Amount
Exact Path Online Platform$2,625,000
Incentive Grants to LEAs$8,000,000
Hotspot Grants to LEAs$3,000,000
OK Arts Institute Emergency Assistance$200,000
Fall ACT/SAT (partial funding)$1,465,296





Maintaining - Return to Learn:
Supporting Safe In-Person Learning

InitiativeObligation Amount
Foundational Grants to LEAs$49,000,000
Fall ACT/SAT (partial funding)$1,253,454
Amount moved to ESSER III initiatives$12,925,228



Impact of Lost Instructional Time

Learning - Ready Together Oklahoma:
Supporting Students Through the Pandemic and Beyond

InitiativeObligation Amount
School Counselor Corps$36,892,823
Science of Reading Academies$12,950,916
Math Tutoring Corps and Supports$6,008,004
Paid Student Teaching$12,675,000
First Class Teacher Mentoring$2,478,250
Evidence-Based Program Grants$6,956,625




After School/Summer Learning and Enrichment

InitiativeObligation Amount
Stabilize Grants Summer 2021 (BGC, YMCA)$5,083,820
Strategize Grants (Supporting proven programs)$2,730,681
Organize Partnership Grants (Summer and afterschool)$22,078,441



Responding to COVID

InitiativeObligation Amount
School Leadership Development$1,193,718
Imagination Library$2,598,750
Data Modernization$25,000,000
TFA Innovative Fellows$4,200,000
CLASS Grants$6,000,000